What is Confirmation?

 Confirmation is a Sacrament that allows someone to claim the promises made for them at Baptism as their own.
 During the preparation they will learn about what these promises mean.
 At that time you and your chosen Godparents, made some very special and specific promises on behalf of your baby.

Confirmation Preparation:

 Is about and exploring this value: God who created us, loves us…and wants to have a relationship with us.
 If your child wishes to be Confirmed, and is ready to make the commitment of time for preparation, they will receive welcome and training from a loving community.
 The program is followed by the ceremonial laying on of hands by our Bishop so they may receive the gift of the Holy Spirit to strengthen them through their life journey.

What is Confirmation Training about?

 It is an important “Rite of Passage” in the Spiritual life of a child. Christian spirituality speaks of a relationship with Christ, a commitment to His way, and to His people (The Church)
 It is an important time for children who are (or will soon be!) going through some adolescent changes! Our goal is to create a friendly, safe and positive environment in which children learn strong values and are encouraged for life in the world ahead!
 Because it is such a formative time in our lives, we pay extra attention to helping children develop self confidence, awareness and respect for others, and develop sense that they are responsible for the choices they make.
 We reinforce the values of sharing and belonging to an Authentic and Caring Community. The Principles we share in Community are : of equality, self worth, self confidence encouragement and mutual concern .
By the time our program ends your child will have experienced some challenges, learned the value of Community and faith  and made some new friends.

The Need for Commitment …  The Major Theme of Confirmation.

 Confirmation is about Commitment to the Christian Way of life, and requires sincere preparation for it to have any real Value.
 It involves learning the Christian way, and being an active member of the Christian Family.
 Something to think about: One very common “popular illusions” is... that people can be good Christians without attending, supporting, or being involved in Church. No doubt God is everywhere, and the Church does not have a monopoly on God`s presence .... but our scriptures teach very clearly that:
 Jesus loved the Church, and that he works out His plan for human history through the body of believers who meet, love and live together in Community because of what he has done for us. We gather on a regular basis to learn, share, plan, act and grow.
There is an expectation that Children will attend every class and regular worship. Confirmation training takes place during worship as well!
 We know that lives are full and busy and some weekends will call you away!
 I simply ask that you let me know when they will be away from Church.
 The day of Class will be decided at the Parent Meeting. See you there!
Welcome to the Confirmation program! If you have any questions or concerns, please contact me at 256 3838 or email Revd. John+

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