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Information and Frequently asked Questions About Baptism at St. Martins


Thinking about baptizing your child in The Parish of Gander At St. Martin 's Cathedral? Wonderful! As members of the Christian community we are grateful to be able to celebrate with you on this happy occasion.
Baptism at St. Martins
How do we Arrange to have our Child Baptised at St. Martin's Cathedral?
Step One         Make contact with us! Our Rector, The Revd. John Watton, co-ordinates the Baptisms in our parish.  Once contact is made, and your original questions are answered, we will arrange for either one of the Clergy or a member of our parish to drop by to have a visit with you.
Step Two       A Short Home Visit
 This is a way for us to get to know you a bit better, especially if you haven't been to Church in a while, or are not members of the Parish of Gander. Our goal is to make you feel welcome in our Church and be as comfortable as possible. We will come with information, your Baptism application and a Baptismal Candle for your baby. We will explain what membership in the Church involves. It is a chance for you to ask any questions you might have about baptism or our Church.

Step Three
     Church Worship Visit
This simply means that you are asked to attend at least one Church service prior to the Baptism preparation. It's a great way to get a feel for who we are, and give us a chance to welcome you and your family.  One of our people will help you find a seat explain where the washrooms, nursery and Sunday School are located.
We are a very warm and welcoming Church, and Children are welcome at all of our services!

Step 4              The Baptism Preparation

On the night before the Baptism, usually a Saturday evening at 7:00, we gather in the Cathedral for a time of introductions, fellowship and instruction. The goal is to continue the process you have begun in relation to understanding and accepting the baptismal journey. We will go through the service step by step so that you are quite comfortable with it.

Step 5             The Baptism Service

The Service of Holy Baptism takes place on the First Sunday of every month in our Parish.  In the summer we do add extra baptism services and change the dates for Baptism to accommodate people who are returning home for Baptism. We are able to do it from late spring to Late Summer because many of our parish programs take a break in the summertime. That allows some flexibility.
Some Frequently Asked Questions...and Answers
Because of the echoes of older traditions, sometimes people think that Godparents become guardians of children in the event parents are unable to care for their children.  We remind you that godparents have no legal guardianship over your child.
The role of a godparent centers around the idea of  a Christian believer who commits to support and help parents  bring up the child as an active member of the Church and follower of Jesus Christ.  It  is expected that godparents will also be Christians and have an active and real faith in Jesus Christ.  .
How Many Godparents may we have?
The Anglican tradition says that that each child should have three godparents. Two will be the same sex as your child, the other will be the opposite. That tradition is NOT carved in stone, and you are able to choose for yourself.  Parents can stand alone if they wish. We consider parents as automatic Godparents and Sponsors, for their own children
In every case.....
Each  Godparent must be a baptized Christian

Can I choose a private Baptism?
Baptism celebrates and highlights a choice that has been made to follow Christ and join the community of the church.
In Baptism Christ’s community make promises too. 
Because baptism is a celebration of a person joining the Body of Christ the presence of the gathered community of faith is a vital part of the ritual.  The baptism service will always take place in the context of a church service, and will be the main service of the day.
At each baptism the whole Church celebrates and rejoices. 
For that reason our Diocese, and The Cathedral of St. Martin does not hold private baptisms except in special circumstances which are usually performed in emergency situations.
Here is your “Check List for Baptism”
  • I Know and accept that: Baptism is more than just a “Social Event.”
  • Church Attendance: I am aware of the need for a commitment to regular worship for me and for my child.
  • I know and understand the Role of my Church in the Community?
  • I am willing to make a commitment with my child so that we both can learn?
    I Have Asked myself :
  • Church Support: Am I Officially a member of the Church?
  • Do I provide regular financial Support to the Ministry?
  • Do I wish to become a member?  Speak to the Clergy!
    In Essence: Children , too young to profess the Christian faith on their own, are baptized on the basis of promises you make that they will be brought up to follow Jesus Christ as  Saviour and Lord within the family of the church. As they grow up they need encouragement, teaching and help to take their place in the life and regular worship of the family of God.  All this depends on the help and encouragement they receive from their parents and sponsors (godparents). As you bring your child for baptism, it is important that you be able to show your own devotion to Christ, trust him as your Saviour and obey him as your Lord, and that you choose sponsors for your child who can do the same.

How do we set a date?
Baptisms are on the first Sunday of every month !
St. Martin 's has a very busy worship schedule
which accommodates many different types of worship, and involves the
commitment of many different people . Also, because this date is a constant, people travelling to Gander to participate in a Baptism can make travel plans well ahead of time.
There are certain seasons of the church year (such as Easter and Pentecost) which are especially appropriate. 
We try to find a date which will allow for adequate preparation, work well for the families involved,
and fit in with other church activities and the season of the church year.
What is Baptism about ?.... It begins with the belief that God is the creator of all things, and through the care and nurture of children , he gives parents a share in the work and joy of creation.
Baptism is a symbol of our personal response to God, through the invitation of Jesus Christ.
More questions? Call on us anytime
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