Saturday, August 27, 2016

Starting up for the Fall months

It has been a beautiful summer, and I hope a time of relaxation with family and friends.  Must all good things come to an end???  Not for us at St. Martin’s!  We are looking forward to the Fall months and the return of the many things that sustain and energize us through the colder months.  
 We are planning on starting up a new St. Martin’s Fellowship Group, getting the regular evening Praise Services started, Cursillo at the homes, Bible Fellowship, Confirmation Classes, Cathedral Choir, Sunday School, Family worship services, ACW, and more.  During September we shall be sending out an outline of what to expect, and when to expect various start-ups and events.  

  • Of special interest will be the Gala and Ecumenical Service as we remember the 15th anniversary of the 9/11 tragedy, and Gander’s response.  
  •  The Annual Battle of Britain Commemoration will take place at the Cathedral on September 18th.   
  • On the 25th we shall be having a good old fire drill immediately following the 10:30am service. (That’s one way to get us all out of the church in a hurry!!) 
  • On Thanksgiving Sunday (October 9) we shall be hosting Bishop Loyo Francis, Bishop of the Anglican Church of South Sudan.  He shall be bringing the message for us, and our own Bishop John shall be presiding at the Eucharist.  
  •  Finally, on October 23rd we shall be having a special service with our former rector, Rev’d Jim Reid who, with his family, shall be with us to have a rededication of the Parish Centre and giving it the name, “The Rev’d James Reid Centre.” 
 All in all, an exciting Fall.  Please keep it all in your prayers, and ask the Lord how you can support, and be involved in these many ministry opportunities.   

Yours in Christ,   Rev. Brian

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