Tuesday, July 5, 2016

A Message from Rev. Brian

A Message from your New Rector

Today marks my first Sunday as your new rector.  I consider myself a blessed man to be called to this position, especially in the way my appointment transpired.  After our rector, now Bishop John was elected, the members of your Vestry informed Bishop David that they would like him to appoint me as the next rector.  This is a rare occurrence in selecting a rector especially in a large parish such as St. Martin’s.  The fact that I was selected, is not lost on me.  I know it is a profound expression of the love and respect you have had for me during the past eleven years that I have been the Associate Priest.  I pray that I can live up to this honour. 

At the recent Prayer Lunch held this past Wednesday, I said that I was becoming the rector of the best parish in the Diocese.  A Proverb in the Bible says, “Beware of the flattering tongue,” but I do say you are truly a remarkable people, with remarkable gifts, and a remarkable love.  Your willingness to serve, and your gracious goodness is a witness to all, as much as to me.  Working on this foundation, along with the work and witness of your previous rectors: Fr. John Moss, Rev. Jim Reid, Bishop David Torraville, Rev. David Hewitt, and Bishop John Watton, I am excited about what we can accomplish together in the years to come.

So, here we go!  Many have asked about when, or who will be appointed as the new associate.  This is a process.  We have to complete what is called a Parish Profile.  This will take a week or two.  Then I ask Bishop John to invite applications.  He will send an invitation for applications from the seven dioceses of our Ecclesial Province.  That takes a month.  Once applications are received, I will consult with some members of the Vestry and Bishop John, and from there make a selection.  Then come announcements, and perhaps a three month notice for the associate to make to their parish.  So, we may not see an associate show up at St. Martin’s until the middle of November, perhaps not until mid-January. 

I know that the months ahead will be full, but I know I am not alone in the responsibilities and tasks.  We have a competent and capable Vestry and wardens, gifted leaders in many ministries, and with the help of Reverends Harvey, George, and Arnold we shall do well. And as the saying goes, “Many hands make light work.”  I shall say more in the weeks and months ahead.  May the Lord Bless and sustain us as we grow in Christ and witness to His Love.
                                                                Yours always in Christ,  Rev. Brian

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